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Submission of documents in a new format

We care about your health and the health of our employees. Therefore, for the safety and maximum protection of our clients and employees of the Center, a set of anti-epidemic measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been introduced. Check out the changes in our work.

1. Online submission of documents without a visit to our office. The temporary offer for a separate form of submitting documents online at the minimum price has been extended.
The offer is valid for people who meet the following requirements:
- Submit their own documents for the recognition procedure;
- Are located on the territory of Ukraine (sending ready-made documents and payment for services are possible only from the territory of Ukraine);
- Who registered in the Personal cabinet on our website;
- Created an online application (select the action "Create a new application").
In this case, the applicant and the owner, as well as the payer in the receipt (or the owner of the bank card) in the application will be one person. Immediately attach the scanned copy of the passport of the owner of the documents to the application, as well as the copy of the document on the change of surname (if needed). You will receive all the necessary instructions in the personal computer from our expert. You will be able to send and receive the documents by courier service. The cost of this form of submission is UAH 120 per package of documents (excluding the cost of courier services).

2. Receipt of documents in the office is resumed in a new format.
We invite you to submit documents in the office, if you are willing to follow these rules:
- Documents are accepted only in the presence of a pre-filled electronic application and by appointment through a personal cabinet or by phone. You can fill in the electronic application after registering the Personal Cabinet on this site;
- Visitors in masks /respirators, preferably in protective gloves, are allowed for submission. Visitors provide the availability of personal protective means by themselves;
- Create a complete package of documents in advance (including completed consent to the processing of personal data), submit it to the administrator and provide the application number, list of services, the desired processing time from the proposed and present your passport;
- In the adjacent zone and premises of the Center keep the distance of 1.5 meters or the available markings;
- At the entrance to the room, use the available hand sanitizer;
- Selective temperature screening can be performed at the entrance to the room;
- Visitors with any signs of respiratory disease or in case of fever are not allowed for submission. They will be asked to make an appointment after recovery or submit documents online;
- Waiting in the premises of the Center is prohibited;
- Security and staff of the Center have the right to require visitors to comply with these rules.
In case of disagreement with these rules, we advise you to submit documents online or postpone the date of your visit.

3. Issuance of documents. We offer to order the organization of sending ready documents by courier service. Notify the administrator when receiving documents, as well as the address, name and mobile phone of the recipient. Issuance of documents in the office is available subject to security rules.

4. The processing time of documents may be extended due to the introduction of anti-epidemic measures by the institutions with which the Center is in contact to check and process your documents.

5. Consultation of our specialists can be obtained only by phone or online. Send your questions to e-mail: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .

The team and management of the Center do their best you can receive our services in full, on time and safely! We wish you good health and wonderful mood!