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The right to appeal against the recognition decision is provided by the Lisbon Recognition Convention (Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region, 1997). All holders of foreign educational documents have the right to apply for clear and transparent qualification assessment procedure. There may be two outcomes of the qualification assessment procedure:

  • recognition, based on which a Certificate of recognition of foreign educational documents is issued with the recognition decision;
  • denial of recognition, informing the applicant about the reasons for denial of recognition and about the nature of the substantial differences found. Please refer to this page for more details about the outcomes of the recognition procedure.

Experts of our Centre make everything possible to make the recognition process of your educational document successful, but there are cases when the assessment is denied or the decision is not satisfactory for the applicant. In such cases the applicant has the right to make an appeal within 3 months period after receiving the results of the recognition procedure. In case of appealing against the recognition decision, the submitted documents and other additional information is reassessed.

To make an appeal against the recognition decision you should provide arguments to support your case and submit a file of documents, as follows:

  1. Application form for the appeal (application form);
  2. Personal Data Processing Consent. The application-consent should be filled in and signed by the holder of foreign educational document. Kindly fill the application in English (application form).

  3. Personal Data Processing Consent (singed by the applicant and the holder) (application form);
  4. Copy of the recognition Certificate or official letter about the denial.
  5. Copy of foreign educational document, which requires assessment;
  6. Copies of additional documents, that could help in the process (with the translation, if necessary);
  7. Copy of passport (with translation, if necessary);
  8. Copy of certified letter of authority (in case when the submission isn’t done by the holder of the education document);
  9. Copy of passport of the applicant (in case when the application isn’t done by the holder of the education document.

The submitted file is processed for 10 working days from the moment of their receipt and registration. During this time we check whether the file is complete and properly done, look at the supportive arguments and analyze additional documents. After that the applicant will be informed about the possibility to make an appel.

The application file could be submitted by the following ways:

  • visit our centre;
  • mail to the following address:

State-owned Company "Information and Image Center"
Box 147,

  • courier delivery to the following address:

State-owned Company "Information and Image Center"
25, Chornovola str.

In case of any questions about enquiring of recognition procedure, please, contact the Centre.