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      Collection of the documents

  1. After the recognition procedure is completed the applicant gets an SMS message on the mobile phone number specified in his/her application. The completion of application could be checked as well in your Personal Cabinet, in the section«Readiness Check» using the registration number of the application. Or you may call our office at +38044 486 20 43, +38044 486 25 43 according to the schedule for receiving telephone calls.
  2. Issued documents may be collected at scheduled times in our office

Please have your receipt with the registration number that you received at the time of making the application.

Documents can be collected by applicants, who have passport or other ID document.

Documents can be collected by:

- the applicant;

- another person whose name was indicated in the application form at the time of submission (incl. the Owner of the documents);

- another person who has a notary certified permission from the applicant to receive documents/decisions of recognition.