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Welcome to the website that has all the necessary information about the procedure for the recognition of foreign educational documents in Ukraine.

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If you have studied abroad but are planning to continue your education or work in your specialization area in Ukraine, you need to submit your educational documents for recognition (nostrification).

State-owned company "Information and Image Center" performs the functions of a national information center of academic mobility (Resolution No 924 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dated August 31, 2011). Specifically, the powers of the Center include verifying the authenticity of educational documents issued by educational institutions of foreign countries, as well as arranging for expert examinations to establish the equivalency of the qualifications awarded according to educational documents issued by educational institutions of foreign countries.

The final result of this document authenticity verification and qualification equivalency establishment is an appropriate decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine recognizing the foreign educational document as valid in Ukraine.

The Information and Image Center works according to the “single window” principle to ensure maximum convenience for you and the transparency of the recognition procedure applied by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to your educational documents. Prior to preparing your documents for the recognition procedure, please read the following sections:

Submission Procedure

List of Documents

Issue Procedure

We are always ready to provide you with detailed consultations regarding the recognition procedure for your educational documents at the telephones:

+38 044 486 20 43, +38 044 486 25 43

and e-mail: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING .