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1. What are the documents required to be submitted for the foreign educational document recognition procedure?

The recognition procedure requires the following documents:

  • an application for document recognition;
  • the original legalized foreign educational document and its notarized copy (a document bearing an Apostille stamp or consular legalization proof), with a notarized Ukrainian translation is attached;
  • the original legalized supplement to the foreign educational document and its notarized copy, with a notarized Ukrainian translation is attached (if this document is in Russian, no translation is required);
  • copies of the documents confirming a previous higher education or secondary vocational education (if any);
  • a copy of a document identifying the applicant and/or holder of the foreign education-confirming document.

More details are in the List of Documents section.

2. Who is entitled to submit documents for the recognition procedure?

Educational documents may be submitted for recognition by their holder or another person authorized to represent the interests of the former for the recognition purposes on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.

3. How are such documents submitted?

A completed document package needs to be sent for preliminary review to Box 147, Kyiv, 01135. Please note that the original educational documents should not be sent by ordinary mail.

After studying the received documents (the documents will be considered within 10 office days from the moment of their receipt), specialists of our Center will contact the applicant for detailed consultation. During the visit, the applicant is expected to present the original foreign education-confirming documents and pay the due fees, after which the recognition procedure actually begins.

4. How can I receive the recognition decision?

The decision can be received from 09:00 to 13:00 o’clock on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from State-owned company "Information and Image Center". The recipient is required to carry his/her passport and a stub with the case number.

During the personal submission of documents, the applicant may arrange for courier delivery of the decision to the address indicated in his/her application.

5. Do I need to apply my foreign educational document for recognition if I have already had work experience in my specialization area in Ukraine?

Yes, you normally do. Yet, we recommend you to make sure at your place of work or study that your educational documents really need to go through the recognition procedure.

6. What is the recognition procedure for documents certifying degrees and academic titles?

Regarding the recognition procedure for documents certifying academic degrees (such as candidate or doctor of sciences), apply to the Personnel Attestation Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine at 10 Peremohy Ave, Kyiv, 01135, tel.: 00 380 44 481 32 72.

The recognition procedure for documents certifying academic titles is carried out by the Department for Professional and Managerial Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, located at 10 Peremohy Ave, Kyiv, 01135, tel.: 00 380 44 486 77 65.

7. How long does the recognition procedure for educational documents take and how much does it cost?

The information regarding the times and cost of the recognition procedure for educational documents is available on our website in the section Costs and Times.

8. What are the steps of the recognition procedure for foreign educational documents?

The recognition procedure for foreign educational documents consists of the following steps:

  1. Authenticity verification of the foreign educational documents presented for recognition (verification of the fact of completed education and issue of the education-confirming document);
  2. Verification of the state accreditation certificate and license of the educational institution that issued the document;
  3. Establishment of the equivalency of the qualifications indicated in the foreign educational document with the qualification levels existing in the education system of Ukraine.

9. Which documents are not eligible for the recognition procedure?

The recognition procedure is not applied to:

  • documents issued by educational institutions that are not officially registered (accredited) as entities authorized to provide educational services in their respective countries;
  • documents issued by branches of educational institutions, if these branches are not officially registered (accredited) as entities authorized to provide educational services in the countries within which they conduct educational activities;
  • documents that do not contain any information about the acquisition by their holder of a specific educational or qualification level that entitles the holder to specific academic or professional rights (the right to continue his/her education or work in his/her specialization area); and
  • documents failing to meet the appropriate state standard and issued in a country the international agreements with which provide for the recognition of exclusively state standard documents.

The educational documents issued in former Soviet Union countries before 15 of May 1992 don’t require recognition procedure in Ukraine as according to article 5 of the Degree of Educational Cooperation signed in Tashkent in 1992, member states guarantee termless recognition of educational documents issued on their territories before abovementioned Degree came into effect.

10. Is the official recognition decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine limited in time?

The official decision “Certificate of Recognition in Ukraine of Foreign Education-confirming Document” is not limited in time and never expires in Ukraine.

11. Am I facing a problem in the recognition procedure carried out for my foreign educational documents because the institution of higher learning that issued these documents is no longer in existence?

In this case, all requests necessary to confirm the authenticity of the presented educational documents and status of the educational institution, which this institution had on the moment of issuing the educational documents, as required by the procedure recognition, will be referred to the national education administering body within whose purview the said educational institution operated.

12. Do I need my diploma issued by a higher educational institution in a Soviet republic before the disintegration of the USSR to get officially recognized? (for acquiring an additional higher education).

If the educational document was issued before May 15, 1992 in a country-signatory of the Education Cooperation Agreement (May 15, 1992, Tashkent), the recognition is not required in this case. These countries are the Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Republic of Uzbekistan.

13. Which institution is authorized to recognize a post-graduate medical education?

The recognition procedure for a post-graduate medical education is carried out by the Education Department of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine located at 7, Hrushevskoho St, Kyiv, 01601, tel.: 00 380 44 253 11 83, 00 380 44 253 78 64, and 00 380 44 253 45 69.

14. Is the recognition procedure for Ukraine applicable to educational documents issued in the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublica in three languages?

According to Article 1 of the agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Moldova on mutual recognition and equivalency of educational documents and academic titles, only state standard documents are eligible for the recognition procedure. Educational documents issued in the Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublica in three languages are not state standard documents of the Republic of Moldova. For this reason, please, apply to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova for a state standard duplicate of your educational document for its further recognition in Ukraine.

15. Does the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine issue a document to confirm that a specific educational document is undergoing the recognition procedure?

Addressed to the attention of the requesting party, such a document (statement) may be issued at the applicant’s request during his/her personal visit to confirm that he/she has submitted his/her foreign educational document for the recognition procedure.