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The education system of Georgia

The education system of the Republic of Poland

Conventions and Agreements

The recognition of educational documents in Ukraine is based on the Convention on the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications in the European Region (Lisbon, April 11, 1997) and international agreements on mutual recognition and equivalence of educational documents and scientific titles.
The Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications (the Lisbon Convention) was jointly developed by the Council of Europe and UNESCO in order to promote recognition of qualifications awarded in one country (Party of the Convention) by another country (Party of the Convention).
The guiding principles of the Lisbon Convention are:

  • qualification holders should have adequate access to the qualification assessment
  • any discrimination against the applicant is prohibited
  • each Party of the Convention ensures the transparency, consistency and reliability of the procedures and criteria used in the assessment and recognition of qualifications
  • each Party to the Convention ensures that its education system is provided with adequate and clear information
  • decisions on recognition of qualifications are made within a reasonable period, which is determined in advance by the competent authority for recognition of qualifications and is calculated from the time of receipt of all necessary information on a specific request
  • recognition decisions are taken on the basis of relevant information on those qualifications, recognition of which is requested
  • in case of a negative decision or non-decision, the applicant should be able to appeal within a reasonable time.
The Lisbon Convention also addresses such important issues as the recognition of qualifications that give access to higher education, the periods of study recognition, recognition of qualifications awarded to refugees, displaced persons and persons in refugee situations, exchange of information on recognition of qualifications.
The full text of the Lisbon Convention in the Ukrainian and texts in the original languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian).

Ukraine also signs a number of bilateral agreements on mutual recognition and equivalence of educational documents and scientific titles. In particular, agreements were signed with the following countries:

  • The Argentine Republic;
  • The Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • The Republic of Belarus;
  • The Republic of Bulgaria;
  • The Socialist Republic of Vietnam;
  • Georgia;
  • The Republic of Equatorial Guinea;
  • Estonia;
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The People's Republic of China;
  • The Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (State of Libya);
  • Mongolia;
  • The Republic of Peru;
  • The Republic of Poland;
  • Russian Federation;
  • Romania;
  • The Slovak Republic;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Hungary;
  • The Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Republic of Lithuania.

Some international agreements determine the equivalence of qualifications set out in education documents and allow recognition under the simplified procedure. However, part of such agreements contains certain conditions for the recognition of qualifications as equivalent. In such case, the procedure follows the general rules. Availability of agreement does not eliminate the need for a formal recognition decision.


To apply for the document recognition in the office:

1) Prepare the paper document list (details in the “List of Documents” section).

2) Sign up on the website in the section "Registration in Personal Cabinet". Access to the Personal Cabinet is available only for the registered users.

3) Create an online application at the Personal Cabinet. Attach scanned copies of the documents. Since that moment you would be able to check the status of document processing in the Personal Cabinet.

4) Send a request for processing. Select the "Send to processing" operation in the list of available actions.

The on-line application, which had been sent for processing (with obligatory attached scanned copies of the documents), is being processed within 10 working days. During this time, the specialists of the Centre check the completeness of the package and the correctness of the documents.

5) You are able to obtain confirmation of the document correctness or the specialist’s recommendations regarding the need to revise the package content.

Consultation is being provided in the Personal Cabinet, via electronic or ordinary mail, or in the telephone mode.

If it is confirmed that documents are drawn up correctly and are in full, you will receive a notification about office application option.

6) Apply paper documents regarding office hours. The original educational documents must be presented along with the applicant identity document.

Document application for the recognition procedure is carried out from 14.00 till 17.00 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) and from 10.00 till 13.00 (Tuesday).

Electronic application queue is organized considering present registered applicants, both signed up via information self-service terminal (IBox) in the office and online - via Personal Cabinet.

Application procedure ends according to the stated office hours regardless time and registration methods.

Please note!

While applying in the office an applicant shall register the whole document list (see "List of the Documents") via information self-service terminal (IBox). The average time for registration of one document package is approximately 40 minutes.

In light of this, in order to make it more convenient and to accelerate the document application procedure, you are kindly requested to register in advance via Personal Cabinet on the web-site. Thank you for your understanding!

Attention! If the documents aren't submitted by the applicant in full or with incorrect document layout, also if the submitted documents do not undergo recognition procedure according to the current regulations, they will be returned to the applicant without examination of the merits with the message.

If you are not in Kiev, you do not have to waste your time on a trip to submit foreign educational documents for recognition personally. You may use the remote application procedure (no visit).


You are welcome at:

25, V. Chornovola str., Kyiv.
Mailing address:

Box 147, Kyiv, 01135.
Tel.: 00 380 44 486 20 43, 00 380 44 486 25 43


Attention! Due to the extensive seasonal workload the schedule for receiving telephone calls is temporarily reset.

Type of procedureMonTueWedThuFriSat
Calls 11:00 - 12:00 11:00 - 12:00 11:00 - 12:00 11:00 - 12:00 16:00 - 17:00 --

In order to get information on the progress of the case, please, contact directly your specialist's via e-mail address (this data may be given by phone-operator or found in the Personal Cabinet), or send an e-mail to the department: JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING

You are kindly requested to indicate a case number (begins with Latin letters NZ), family and given name of the applicant/holder of the foreign educational document. Also we would like to ask you to write your questions clearly. This information will help us to process the request promptly and enable a quick response.

Thank you for your understanding!

Other organizational units of the Center:

Apostilization of Ukrainian educational documents

Tel.: 00 380 44 484 64 45, 00 380 44 484 64 95

It will be convenient for you to reach us:

From "Vokzalna" metro station - minibus No. 558, 500

From "Lukyanivska" metro station - minibus No. 558, 499, 597, 464, 500; trolleybus № 19, 33

"Marshal Rybalko" or "Okhmatdet" stop

The pedestrian route from “Lukyanivska” metro station

The distance is 1,3 km.

Approximate time is 17-20 minutes.

The pedestrian route from "Vokzalna" metro station

The distance is 1,8 km.

Approximate time is 12-25 min.

Personal Cabinet Registration

In order to make document submission more convenient and save time, we recommend using the Personal Cabinet. The Personal Cabinet becomes accessible only after registration on the website. Therefore, you have to complete the registration procedure at first.

How to register?

       1. Click the "Register"/Регистрация button in the upper right corner of the page.
       2. Fill in all the fields with relevant information using prompts. To see the prompt, move the cursor to the field name (see the pic). We recommend using e-mail as login. 

        3. After filling in all fields, click the "Register"/Регистрация button.
       4. The next step is to activate the account. To conduct it, click on the link that will come to your e-mail address at the moment of your registration.
       5. After clicking on the link, you have to login to website using your login/логин and password/пароль, which are in the upper right corner of the site.


Registration is complete. Now you can use the Personal Cabinet. The corresponding section has appeared in the menu on the left. With the help of this function you are able to create an on-line application for document submission, check the processing stage and receive a specialist consultation.

How to make an application?

Ukrainian is the language to fill in the application forms, except the fields where the information in Latin or Cyrillic symbols is required.

  1. Click to "Create a new application"/Создать новую заявку button
  2. It will be necessary to enter the applicant's and holder’s data and information related to the educational document.

Please note: the applicant is the one, who plans to submit the documents. The “applicant block” fields must contain the data of the person, who will actually submit the documents for the recognition procedure. If the documents are submitted by their holder, the data of the applicant and the holder coincide.

  1. Use the prompts to complete the fields. To use the prompt move the cursor over the question mark "?" near the corresponding field.
  2. Attach scan-copies of educational documents:

    1) Personal Data Processing Consent

    2) Personal Data Processing Consent (singed by the applicant and the holder)

    3) Scanned copies of diploma / certificate / academic certificate and their translation into Ukrainian

    4) Scanned copies of Diploma Supplement / Certificate and their translation into Ukrainian

    5) A copy of the document on previous education (certificate, certificate, academic certificate, diploma) if available

    6) Copy of the owner’s / applicant’s passport (if necessary with translation into Ukrainian)

    7) A copy of the document on changing the name of the owner of a foreign education certificate (if necessary).

    8) The document on the payment of the state service

Technical requirements for scan copies:

A) while considering the scanned copies, we pay attention to the compulsory elements of the document format (name, serial number, signature, date of issue, name of the holder). Therefore, the provision  of scanned copies of corresponding pages is mandatory.

B) scanned copies must be readable (recommended resolution for scanning is 200-300 dpi). If there is no opportunity to scan the documents, photos are also accepted, but only in case that “scanned copy” requirements are met (readability and pages with compulsory elements of the document format presented).

C) file format is .jpg and .jpeg.

D) size of each file may not exceed 1 MB.

After filling in all the fields and file attachment, click on "Save Application"/Сохранить заявку button.

Application is created. It is contained in the created applications list in your Personal Cabinet. You have access to such operations as “send application for processing”, “edit it”, or “create a new one”.

Note that at this stage the application is contained only at your Personal Cabinet with the status "Application Generation/ Формування заявки". In order to send the application for the processing by Centre specialists, you have to choose the operation "Send for Processing/ Відправити в обробку” in the list of available actions. The application will be processed within 10 working days.

Then you will receive a message considering layout of the documents, possible time and cost of processing or specialist’s recommendations about the need to revise the package content. Consultation may be provided in the Personal Cabinet, using electronic or conventional mail, or by phone. You will be able to determine the document submission type (in the office or remotely), and define the processing time.

In case of remote submission you will be provided with all necessary application and receipt forms.