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The recognition procedure is not applied to:

  • documents issued by educational institutions that are not officially registered (accredited) as entities authorized to provide educational services in their respective countries;
  • documents issued by branches of educational institutions, if these branches are not officially registered (accredited) as entities authorized to provide educational services in the countries within which they conduct educational activities;
  • documents that do not contain any information about the acquisition by their holder of a specific educational or qualification level that entitles the holder to academic or professional rights;
  • non-authentical documents;
  • documents failing to meet the respective state standard and issued in a country the international agreements with which provide for the recognition of exclusively state standard documents;
  • educational documents testifying finishing a program that cannot be correlated with any educational or qualification level and (or) field of study (specialty, qualification) of the educational system of Ukraine;

  • educational documents that are not recognized by the state of origin;

  • educational documents that do not contain sufficient information on the content of the curriculum that makes impossible to assess the qualification and learning outcomes and establish equivalence to the education system of Ukraine;

  • educational documents issued before 15.05.1992 by educational institutions of the former USSR.

  • educational documents that have the number of the ECTS credits earned less than 30 (or equivalent amount of hours).

The educational documents issued in former Soviet Union countries before 15 of May 1992 don’t require recognition procedure in Ukraine as according to article 5 of the Degree of Educational Cooperation signed in Tashkent in 1992, its member states guarantee termless recognition of educational documents issued on their territories before abovementioned Degree came into effect. List of these countries:

  • Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Republic of Belarus;
  • Republic of Armenia;
  • Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Republic of Moldova;
  • Russian Federation;
  • Republic of Tajikistan;
  • Turkmenistan;
  • Republic of Uzbekistan.