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      Collection of the documents

  1. After the recognition procedure is completed the applicant gets an SMS message on the mobile phone number specified in his/her application. The completion of application could be checked as well in your Personal Cabinet, in the section«Readiness Check» using the registration number of the application. Or you may call our office at +38044 486 20 43, +38044 486 25 43 according to the schedule for receiving telephone calls.
  2. Issued documents may be collected at scheduled times in our office

Please have your receipt with the registration number that you received at the time of making the application.

Documents can be collected by applicants, who have passport or other ID document.

Documents can be collected by:

- the applicant;

- another person whose name was indicated in the application form at the time of submission (incl. the Owner of the documents);

- another person who has a notary certified permission from the applicant to receive documents/decisions of recognition.


If you are not in Kyiv, you do not have to waste your time travelling to the city to pick up the decision on the recognition of your foreign educational document. You may also receive it by mail. For this purpose, you will only need to arrange, at the time of your personal document submission, for the decision to be delivered by express mail to the address that you have indicated in your application.

This service costs UAH 60.


Dear Applicants!

We encourage you to carefully prepare your application package as it could decrease the duration of the recognition procedure. The following is the minimum list of documents required to begin the assessment procedure of your credentials.

  1. Application for recognition (the application form and example of filling in).

    Important! The application form should be filled in Ukrainian and signed by an applicant in electronic form or clear and legible cursive, without corrections. The information will be used in processing of your documents.

    Dear applicants, please make sure to give specific, valid and detailed contact information (telephone and mobile numbers, e-mail address which you check regularly) so the officers of our Center might contact you promptly concerning your application.

  2. Personal Data Processing Consent.

    The application-consent should be filled in and signed by the holder of foreign educational document. Kindly fill the application in English (application form).

  3. Personal Data Processing Consent (singed by the applicant and the holder) (application form).

    Important! The upper part of this Personal Data Processing Consent should be filled in and signed by the holder of foreign educational documents, and the lower part – by the applicant. In cases when the applicant is the holder of foreign educational documents only the upper part of the Consent should be filled in and signed.

  4. The certified copy of legalized foreign educational document and its certified Ukrainian translation (the original of the document if necessary).

  5. The certified copy of legalized supplement to the foreign educational document and its certified Ukrainian translation (the original of the document if necessary).

    The supplement should contain the information about the mode and the duration of study (years and/or semesters), the list of course units and/or subjects, the total (weekly) amount of in class and individual hours and/or credits, and other details of academic activity.

    Important! There are two main types of document legalization: the apostille stamping and consular legalization. The type of legalization depends on the current legislation of the country of origin. The exception applies for the countries that have bilateral or multi-lateral agreements with Ukraine and contain special provisions for the documents’ legalization.

    Please, refer to the list of Countries to determine the type of legalization applicable to your educational document.

    Please refer to the one of the samples of proper notary certification of the copies of educational documents to the originals and of their written translation. Please note that the copies of documents may be certified by other competent authorities in compliance with current legislation.

  6. Copies of documents on previous basic/completed secondary, vocational (vocational-technical), professional prehigher or higher education (if there is such education) if required;

  7. A document issued by official institution (statement, certificate or other) on academic and/or professional rights granted to the Holder in the country of origin of the Document (if required);

  8. Photocopies of personal identity documents of the applicant and/or holder (both if the application is not made by the holder) translated into Ukrainian if necessary.

  9. Photocopy of the name change certificate (if applicable).

  10. The administrative service payment receipt (for individuals or for legal entities) or the copy of the document confirming the right to the exemption from this payment.

The applicant has the right to submit other documents confirming education and/or qualification of the holder, the practical experience or permit to professional activity. Such documents should be submitted with their certified translations into Ukrainian language.

The application package may be submitted by the holder or another person representing his/her interests. The underage applicants may be represented by their statutory representatives.

Please be informed that the preparation of the application package is the responsibility of the applicant.

Important! If the submitted application package is incomplete and/or the documents are prepared improperly, the applicant will be informed about it and the package will be returned to him/her within 10 working days after submission.


The recognition procedure is not applied to:

  • documents issued by educational institutions that are not officially registered (accredited) as entities authorized to provide educational services in their respective countries;
  • documents issued by branches of educational institutions, if these branches are not officially registered (accredited) as entities authorized to provide educational services in the countries within which they conduct educational activities;
  • documents that do not contain any information about the acquisition by their holder of a specific educational or qualification level that entitles the holder to academic or professional rights;
  • non-authentical documents;
  • documents failing to meet the respective state standard and issued in a country the international agreements with which provide for the recognition of exclusively state standard documents;
  • educational documents testifying finishing a program that cannot be correlated with any educational or qualification level and (or) field of study (specialty, qualification) of the educational system of Ukraine;

  • educational documents that are not recognized by the state of origin;

  • educational documents that do not contain sufficient information on the content of the curriculum that makes impossible to assess the qualification and learning outcomes and establish equivalence to the education system of Ukraine;

  • educational documents issued before 15.05.1992 by educational institutions of the former USSR.

  • educational documents that have the number of the ECTS credits earned less than 30 (or equivalent amount of hours).

Ukraine has withdrawn from the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Education, conducted in Tashkent on May 15, 1992. On March 23, 2023 the Agreement was terminated for Ukraine.


We would like to offer you 2 submission options:

1. Office submission.

2. Send the documents by courier service to our office and receive them back along with a resolution of the Ministry of Education and Science on recognition. Read the details about remote submission procedure (no visit).

Attention! Before office visit or courier document shipment, we would strongly recommend you to register documents online in the Personal Cabinet.

In order to comply with the confidentiality requirements considering the data that had been obtained in the course of document processing; we have no right to release information to the third parties. Regarding this all information concerning the recognition will be provided by phone only to applicants and/or holders of foreign educational documents.

Be sure to indicate in the application your active E-mail address, valid contact numbers and mailing address.

Certain document packages may require prior document processing within 10 working days after receipt and registration. Since that time specialists of the Center will check the completeness of the documents package and the accuracy of document layout.

If the documents aren't submitted by the applicant in full or with incorrect document layout, also if the submitted documents do not undergo recognition procedure according to the current regulations, they will be returned to the applicant without examination of the merits with the message.

Work with educational documents in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is as difficult and important as work with your other documents in the visa centers, embassies, etc. Therefore we would like to ask you to demonstrate responsibility and comply with our recommendations as accurately as possible. This will hugely simplify and accelerate our cooperation.

Pay attention! The processing of documents starts the next day after the complete file of documents is submitted to the specialists of our Centre and full payment of the order is completed (according to the Article 253 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). Hence, the submission day is not included into the term of documents’ processing.

Reception of documents is carried out according to the operating hours irrespective of time of registration.

We kindly ask to use online registration of the documents in Personal Cabinet beforehand after your registration on our site in order to speed up document’s processing by our specialists.

Thank you for understanding!